April 19, 2014

Rabbit Pairing

Tips and advice on pairing rabbits

Rabbit Pairing Rabbit Pairing

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Petfinder List Of Our Adoptable Buns

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Petfinder List Of Our Adoptable Buns Petfinder List Of Our Adoptable Buns

Bunnies Waiting For Adoption


Lady – sweet Mini-Rex

  Lady is the one of the Indiana 400 rabbits that were confiscated for neglect and taken into custody.  She is spayed and ready for adoption.  Lady is a sweet l ittle girl who loves her playtime and zooming up and down boxes and through tunnels.

Dolly and Dennis2

Dolly & Dennis!

  Dolly & Dennis!  This delightful pair is awaiting their forever home.  Rescued from a neglect situation out of state, they were brought in together and are a bonded pair.  Dennis is the more adventurous of the two.  They are about 2 to 3 years old.

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News And Events

rabbit action


UPDATE MARCH 5TH! City of Chicago ban on the sale of dogs, cats and RABBITS has passed City Council! Many thanks to all of our friends who helped us petition to get rabbits included on this landmark legislation. ACT NOW to ban the sales of dogs, cats and rabbits in Chicago   Important good news. [...]



  Owen is a big Mini-Lop about 7 lbs.  He is a very calm, laid back guy.  He is about 2 years old.  Loves his greens and hay!  He went to his forever home!

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Rabbit Care Articles


The Caution of Outdoor Exercise

CAUTION FOR OUTDOOR EXERCISE FOR RABBITS  Outdoor hazards  Hawks and crows from overhead -     There are more and more hawks returning to our area.  It only takes a second for one to swoop down and capture a rabbit running loose in a yard or deck. Neighborhood loose dogs/cats -   a stray or wandering dog or [...]

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