February 21, 2018

Caring For The Newborn Rabbit


The following information is provided as a reference source in cases where either wild or domestic baby bunnies are involved. The Third Edition of HOUSE RABBIT HANDBOOK was used in compiling some of this data. Wild Rabbits In most cases where individuals have found rabbit nests in their backyards, the nest HAS NOT BEEN abandoned […]

Rabbits Are Stupid?!?


By Julie Smith It’s so stupid, it will mount your arm if you reach into its cage. He’s so stupid he always knocks the food bowl out of your hand when you try to feed him. He’s so stupid, he doesn’t know he’s chasing one of his friends instead of his competitor. The Smart Species […]

Hairballs In Rabbits: Fact Or Fiction

Danny Boy#1278

  by Susan A. Brown, DVM My rabbit hasn’t pooped in about three days. My friend says he has a hairball in his stomach and I should give him pineapple juice, papaya enzyme tablets, Prozyme and a cat hairball laxative to dissolve the hairball. This doesn’t seem to be working. Why did he get a […]

To Neuter Or Not To Neuter….?


By Dr. Brown The word “neuter” refers to the removal of the reproductive organs of either a male or a female of a species, although people frequently refer to the surgery in a female as a “spay”. The ‘scientific’ terminology for neutering in the male is castration and in the female is ovariohysterectomy. Let’s now […]

Thoughts And Tips On Rabbits With Families


HRS Article:   “Thoughts and Tips on Rabbits with Families” Tips to Mom and Dad, for integrating a companion animal into a busy family   Attitutude Consider your pet a companion for the entire family. Accept the fact that rabbit care will fall to on your shoulders. Realize it and be at peace with it…. then […]

A Guide To Match Making

Dolly and Dennis2

By Marcia Coburn The road to true matchmaking between rabbits isn’t always smooth, but it is worth the effort. Bunnies are social animals and no one talks “rabbit” better than one of their own species. Also, two rabbits will keep each other occupied, which means less trouble for everyone. And two are little or no […]

Rabbit Pairing


Making A Match: Rabbit Pairing Tips We all know the joy of having a rabbit hopping around the house, checking out the dustballs under the sofa and finding that perfect sunny spot to spend a lazy afternoon. If you think that one rabbit is a perfect comapnion, just waint until you try two. We interview […]

Rabbit Abscesses


HRS Article:   Rabbit Abscesses Q. My rabbit has an abcess on his shoulder. My veterinarian has him on Baytril tablets and I am swabbing it to keep it clean. Am I doing all I can for him? A. This is an excellent question about a common problem that afflicts the pet rabbit. An abscess […]

Rabbit Teeth Problems


HRS Article:   Rabbit Teeth Problems Q. My rabbit Dusty has been needing his teeth clipped on a regular basis. He is 3 years old now. My vet cheerfully does this for me, but I am wondering if it makes sense to extract these front teeth? Is there anything I should consider, such as his […]