March 18, 2018

Fox Valley Animal Welfare League Spay/Neuter Clinic for Rabbits!

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Now open!

Fox Valley Animal Welfare League Spay/Neuter Clinic
11 John Street
North Aurora
Phone: 630-800-2254


FVAWL will be providing spay/neuter services once a month. Pricing for a rabbit spay will be $95 and for a neuter, $75. Check the Calendar for dates. To make an appointment, call 630-800-2254 or email

FVAWL will also be holding a wellness clinic monthly for exotic pets including rabbits, ferrets, other small mammals, birds and reptiles. Dr Brown will be providing a health care check as well as being available to answer questions on exotic pet husbandry, behavior and training. Prices to be determined

Reasons to spay/neuter your rabbit:

  • Prevention of Uterine and other Cancers
  • Prevention of Aggressive Behavior
  • Prevention of Urine Spaying