June 25, 2017

Information For Those Who Have Found A Rabbit


The information below explains the policies and procedures of our rescue for those of you who have found and rescued an abandoned domestic rabbit. We hope that the information below proves helpful and guides you in your effort to find or provide the best care for this abandoned bun.

Thank you for contacting the HRS Chicago in an attempt to place the rabbit you have found. We certainly appreciate that you have rescued this rabbit. Domestic rabbits do not survive on their own, so you have saved a life. However, because of our small size, our foster homes are filled to capacity with abandoned rabbits needing adoption.  Therefore we regret that we are not able to take this rabbit. We must accept only the most urgent cases, abandoned animals captured by wardens and those rabbits scheduled for euthanasia in shelters.

If you are not able to keep the bunny, then we must ask you to help us by attempting to place him on your own. We have enclosed some suggestions designed to help you find a responsible new owner. Basic care information that will help you properly care for the rabbit, whether it is as a new member of your household or a temporary guest until you are able to find him an adoptive home, is available on our web site under our Rabbit Care section. Please review the information here on our site and pass on our website address to the new owner if you choose to find an adoptive home for the rabbit.

If you are not able to keep the rabbit until a suitable home can be found, your first resource for a found rabbit is your local animal control unit. Please do not assume they will euthanize the rabbit. Most of the suburban units have excellent services and work with veterinarians, private rescue groups or shelters and other organizations to place stray animals in adoptive homes. Some have an active adoption program for the rabbits they take in. The rabbits are spayed or neutered and placed for adoption. They advertise in several Internet shelter/adoption sites.

There are avenues for finding a new home for a pet rabbit. Perhaps this information will help you rehome your rabbit.

1. Here is a link to some suggestions for finding an adoptive home for your rabbit. http://www.rabbit.org/adoption/finding-a-new-home.html
We hope that they will help you find an appropriate and responsible new owner. Please encourage the new owner to use the HRS National web site at www.rabbit.org as sources of rabbit care information or to call us with any rabbit care questions.

2. Network with everyone you know! That includes people to whom you may have never mentioned your pet bunny before. Everyone (relatives, friends, co-workers, parents of the children with whom your children go to school) should be considered a potential source of information about a new home for the bunny.

3. Consider placing a free classified ad under the “adoptable pets” section of on Petfinder.com. http://www.petfinder.com/post/classifiedhop.html or placing an ad on Craigslist, http://chicago.craigslist.org/pet/ Click “post” at top of page to submit your ad. Always request an adoption fee and screen inquiries carefully. Check “Finding a Home” for more suggestions.

4. The last avenue is to work with a local animal shelter or humane society. There are 3 shelters in the area that are “open” shelters which means they will accept any animal that is brought in. There may be a surrender fee involved. They do their best to place the rabbits in homes or with various rescue groups but they cannot guaranty that they will not euthanize if they become overfull. You can check with them for terms and conditions.

Anti-Cruetly Society
157 W Grand Ave
Chicago, IL 60654-7174
(312) 644-8338

Chicago Animal Care & Control
2741 S. Western Ave.
Chicago, IL  60608


Greater O’Hare Animal Control
6 N 441 Catalpa Ave.
Wood Dale, IL 60191
Phone: 630-766-4676
Email: schwartz3@aol.com
Monday-Friday 9am to 5pm
Saturday 9am to 1pm
Sunday Closed
North of Irving Park Road and West of Busse Hwy (Route 83)

Animal Welfare League
10305 Southwest Highway
Chicago Ridge, IL
(708) 636-8586

South Suburban Humane Society
Chicago Heights, IL 60411
(708) 755-7387

DuPage County Animal Care and Control
120 N. County Farm Rd.
Wheaton, IL 60187
Phone: 630-407-2800


Some other local shelters will take rabbits on a space available basis. Please check Petfinder.com via zip code or do a Google search for shelters in your area