March 18, 2018

Meadow! ADOPTED!

Meadow is about 2 years old. She had a very rough start. She was surrendered to a shelter with four other bunnies in a cardboard box. She was very urine stained and very thin. Her right eye has a mark or scar from supposedly an old injury. She’s been with us for 8 months now and is doing VERY well. Her weight is up to normal (she’s about 6 lbs), her eye is 50% improved with medical treatment /drops and her underside is pure white (no urine staining). She’s a lovely bunny who eats with much gusto and is very playful. She is friendly but a bit shy about being picked up. She begs for pets while in her pen. She is perfect with her litter box and she is spayed. She would pair well with another bunny. Preferred adopter should be experienced in rabbit care.

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Our bunnies appreciate being housed in pens instead of cages where they have space to play and for their personalities to blossom. Pens are available for purchase through us. See an article about pen living here:  Pen Living

ADOPTED! Thanks to Rebekah and her bunny,Hamish, for giving Meadow and new start!


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