April 24, 2018

Savannah ADOPTED!

2017-03-17 11.17.53image


Savannah is ready to go to her forever home. Full of spunk and personality!

She an awesomely smart Standard Chinchilla bunny. She’s quirky about being touched in certain areas and will box and grunt (So funny, actually) but loves her ears/head petted. She is a big bunny (solid 7 lbs.) and strong. Turns into a bucking broncho at nail trim time (takes two of us – always a fun time!) but settles in for a nice bunny message afterward.

She has PERFECT litter box habits. She would be a great candidate for free range living or a room of her own. She has a big pen at our adoption center and gets out to run but she’s bored. She needs more attention and stimulation. She loves her stacking cups, towel throwing and cardboard to chew.

She’s sleeps deeply during the day and is very playful and active at 9 pm and 4-5 am (we have a camera and watch her play and binky in her pen at those times). She is not fond of other bunnies but has a neighbor for company and is fine with that.  She just needs some space and someone that’ll let her be herself. She’d be good for an experienced person that would like a bunny to hang with.

She loves to jump on her box and stare at herself in the mirror for long periods  :-)

Here’s a video of her playing.