March 18, 2018

Wilder ADOPTED!!

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Wilder was adopted!  Thanks to Kristin for giving him a new beginning.

Wilder was found in August on the side of a busy road by one of our foster persons that was driving by.  He had sustained a terrible injury as one of his
back legs was twisted behind his body and had a large open wound.  She placed him in a carrier that she always had in her car and took him
home.  Upon further examination she could see that his open wound was severely infested with maggots and he had 3 cuterebra larvae buried
in his chest and abdomen.  We got him to Midwest Emergency and the next day his leg was amputated.  It was also discovered that he had a
fractured pelvis!  He did very well and was released to start a long recovery process.  The bunny rescue community really came together for him.  Melissa began a fundraiser to help pay his extensive medical bills and the community really rallied for him!!  Wilder is so grateful for the angels
in his path that saved his life.

Wilder is now fully recovered and ready to go to his forever home!  A tripod bunny needs no special treatment.


Melissa passes the baton – Wilder is ready for a new beginning.

Wilder adopt2

Melissa gives Wilder a goodbye kiss and hug.  She did
a great job saving his life and rehabbing him.  Now he’s
ready to launch out to a new life!

Wilder adopt3

Wilder’s new bun mom, Kristin

Wilder adopt1